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Passionate about using technology to change the world? Join our growing team of digital enablers.


  • UI Developer
  • IOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Java Developer

The EDGETM Process

Our unique approach to enabling digital enterprise helps you re-imagine your business and delivers measurable transformation to your business

EDGE Process
EDGE Process

How do I convert my business into a Digital Enterprise?

  • Analyse and evaluate existing system
  • Identify strategic opportunities
  • Build trust through transparency and responsiveness
  • Create actionable digital roadmap

How do I attain Value & Digital Automation?

  • Dynamic applications and innovative solutions
  • Stellar user interface and experience
  • Set up systems, Configure platforms
  • Optimization and automation
  • Tangible value add

Industries We Serve


Pari-mutuel & Racing

NorthAlley has been instrumental in devising and implementing cutting-edge technology with key focus on creating robust and high value solutions for the Pari-Mutuel and Racing industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings including solutions such as Custom-designed POS, Tote Management System, Information Management System, Racing and Racing Accounts Management, etc., combine to be a complete end-to-end solution, resulting in value-added services for our clients.

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Retail & Commerce

What a retail enterprise needs to be successful in this digital era is a strong technology partner who can custom-build systems for efficient functioning of the e-store. We bring together advanced technology- driven ideas and established practices governing the global retail market to create innovative solutions for your business to capture growth. With our unique EDGE process, we implement adaptive technology that enables you to deliver stellar user experiences, garnering goodwill for your brand.

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Cloud Computing

The opportunity the cloud presents, to enable, to scale and improve efficiencies, apart from reduce IT costs, is disrupting the very fabric of business operations today. NorthAlley is a front-runner in advanced technologies such as automation, virtualization, dynamic orchestration, online development, multi- tenancy, etc. that are the foundation of cloud computing. So, embark on your digital transformation with NorthAlley’s Developer Cloud or Business Cloud for faster implementation and time to value.

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It is not just students benefiting from technology integration in the classrooms. Institutions too are leveraging technology for expanding reach and network and also increasing efficiency internally such as through use of records management systems and establishing alumni networks hosted on the web. NorthAlley is a partner to many institutes across the country, delivering advanced technology systems suitable to the needs of the educational organization.

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