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Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

The Cloud is sort of a miracle as far as technology goes. It has changed the business landscape in which companies operate by enabling them to consume technology resources remotely as a utility - like electricity - than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in-house. This translates to tremendous benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Low Initial Investment

The most common economic rationale for investing in cloud computing is the outright elimination of up-front investments in IT infrastructure such as in purchase of hardware and software and cost of ownership. This minimization of financial commitments allows enterprises to redirect capital expenses and IT resource allocation to core business or where required.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is its cost effectiveness. In a growing business environment, on-premise costs such as hardware, software, support, design builds, downtime, employees, etc., easily add up. Cloud Computing costs are much more manageable and delivers multiple benefits for a price the fraction of the on-premise solution. It helps extend the life of your computers, optimizes human resources, and updating and maintenance of your hosted programs is handled by your cloud provider, leaving you time and effort to be invested in the core business.

Remote Access

With the only perquisite being Internet connection, users can access programs and data hosted on the cloud from any location at any time. This means virtually any device that has an internet connection can be used to initiate a remote connection. Current cloud users claim it gives them better control of their data. Cloud computing also enables employees such as IT helpdesk technicians assist clients all over the world in real time without having to leave their desks.


The shot in the arm that Cloud computing provides is tremendous scalability. As the industry innovates and businesses grow, requirement for IT infrastructure modernize and grow alongside. The Cloud facilitates such expansion needs through obtaining additional storage space suitable for enterprises. Extra licenses can also be purchased to permit access to new users as we go. This has been proved to be much less expensive compared with frequently purchasing new compatible devices when necessity ascends.


Security has always been a concern with Information Technology. Much like your internet banking, cloud computing has many layers of protection that ensures definitive security and privacy for your data hosted on the cloud. Cloud providers such as NorthAlley keep your critical data safe through secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls, backup recovery, etc. In fact, the emerging model of Security-as-a-Service powered by the cloud is increasingly being adopted by enterprises, not only for cost optimization but also because the efficiency the system provides is like never before.

Simple Management

An additional advantage is the simplicity of management of the cloud. Users and employees are not required to be techies or understand the actual infrastructure. There is no need to be concerned about servicing either. This leaves the workforce to concentrate on executing their tasks at hand, increasing productivity as well as resource utilization for the enterprise. Cloud solutions are taken care of by the solution provider or company.

NorthAlley is one of the best companies you will discover that has an excellent track record with cloud computing and hosting services, catering to every need of your organization.

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