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Only 16.2% of all projects are completed successfully throughout their lifecycle.


The average cost overrun for product development projects is 189% of the original cost estimate.


31.1% of projects will be cancelled before they ever get complete.

How we can help
At NorthAlley we understand there are four major indicators that a project will succeed.
User involvement

Only 16.2% of all product projects are completed successfully throughout their lifecycle.

Executive management support

Effective management support is crucial for project success to navigate competing priorities and organizational changes.

Clear assessment of requirements

Accurate requirements assessment is vital for a project's successful delivery of intended features.

Leveraging AI & components - enabling 10X engineers

AI empowers engineers to achieve tenfold productivity through automation and advanced analytical capabilities.

Our solution
NorthAlley Pods - A modular approach to develop grow products
Project Initiation

Our Core Team

The center pod, the focal point of our operations, where our core team of experts are dedicated to setting the project up for success. From proficient project managers to specialized subject matter experts, each member contributes their expertise to ensure the project's foundation is solid.

Execution & Collaboration

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team takes charge of the project. They use their collective skills and experience to jump right into tasks, ensuring they approach tasks effectively for completion, with support from our core team to guide them.

Adaptability & User-Centricity

Resources and User Involvement

As the project moves forward, we strategically allocate extra resources, adjusting to changing project requirements by offering essential support. Moreover, we prioritize user involvement throughout, ensuring that their feedback and requirements shape the project's direction.

Our services

We leverage data and technology to create lasting value.

Excellence in optimized process design for product engineering to promote creativity and drive impactful solutions.

Precisely engineered to allow your business with leading capabilities in learning, reasoning, and decision-making.

Exceptional performance with our services, which are carefully developed to provide exceptional performance, scalability, and dependability for the cloud infrastructure requirements.

Solutions designed to elevate every aspect , from seamless navigation to captivating visuals and intuitive interactions.

Encircle designing, developing, and managing data pipelines and infrastructure to ensure adept and reliable data processing and analysis, facilitating informed decision-making.

Guarantees that businesses meet with the highest local and international IT standards and regulations.

Delivers exclusive content to business partners as an authorized distributor for leading international content providers.

“ NorthAlley's team delivered top-notch services that drove impactful results for us. They took ownership of the project and demonstrated a dedication to our success. ”

Brendan Fahey

CEO of GM5

Innovate and redefine your industry standards.


Recognized with multiple industry awards, our offerings mirror excellence and reliability in driving business success.


Combining the newest technology to provide readiness and resilience against new threats, from cybersecurity to tactical decision-making.


From data analytics to telemedicine systems, our solutions empower healthcare professionals to deliver personalized care and achieve remarkable outcomes.


We transform imagination into captivating visuals with our VFX expertise, enhancing storytelling across film, TV, advertising, and gaming.


Our AI expertise sparks innovation across industries, offering businesses a competitive edge with efficient, innovative solutions like natural language processing and predictive analytics.


With our tailored modules and integrated ERP systems, we enable companies to grow sustainably and streamline operations in the fast-paced modern economy.

We craft holistic & user friendly product solutions.

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