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We are committed to foster the next wave of groundbreaking innovators.

We've all witnessed the challenges people face with their mental health at work. The workplace holds the potential to be a source of purpose, energy, and overall wellbeing. However, many employers grapple with the uncertainty of creating an environment that fosters these positive outcomes while aligning with business objectives. At NorthAlley, we understand the correlation between happy employees and productivity, recognizing that numerous mental injuries in unsafe workplaces are preventable.

This understanding has driven us to collaborate, bringing together our collective knowledge and expertise to address this issue directly. Through our partnership, we aim to equip employers with the insights and tools necessary to proactively identify and manage risks in their workplace.

NorthAlley India Pvt. Ltd (NorthAlley) is a premier technology firm dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions to its partners and clients.

The company's mission is to empower businesses in the region by providing a full suite of digital solutions that foster innovation, enhance productivity, and ensure digital security.

NorthAlley also operates in the Philippines through its sister company NorthAlley Philippines Solutions Inc.

Our Values

We have adopted a set of core values to act as guiding principles in everything we do.

Our values align with our mission to enhance the work experience for both employees and employers.


We relentlessly pursue craft and continuous innovation in our products, services, and aim to create impact for all.


We foster an environment of ownership and reliability by taking full accountability for our actions, decisions, and commitments in service of our mission.


We cultivate an empowering culture that provides employees with the tools, resources, and support needed to reach their highest potential for growth and success.


Ethical conduct is paramount. We operate with unwavering honesty, fairness, and moral principles to build and sustain trusted partnerships.

Our Offices

We're in 4 Countries.

United States

BLG Systems Inc,
3625 Bridge Mill CT, Norcross,
Georgia 30092.


Plot No. 1/C, Sy No. 83/1,
T-Hub, Knowledge City,
Raidurgam, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500081.


2/F Eastern Shipping Lines
Building, Anda Circle, Port Area,
Manila 1018.

United Arab Emirates

Office 709, Adel Ahmed Al
Wahedi Building, 23 12 St, Deira,
Al Murar, Dubai.


Executive Summary

Suresh Kumar Paladugu, an accomplished entrepreneur with 18 years in the US tech sector, led IT product development as a former Global CTO, consulting to prospect 500 firms, and managing global teams. His startup successes include rapid acquisition and growth, and advisory roles in Harmony Data Solutions, MailDay, and QualCloud.

Notably, at FortisNet, his creation DLTrust won top honors at HARBINGER 2023, cementing his impact in tech.

Suresh Paladugu

Founder & CEO

VSN Raju

Head of Staff

Oversees talent acquisition, employee development, and HR strategy to align with business goals and cultivate a supportive, productive environment.

Eswar Jabba

Chief Innovation Officer

Oversees the artistic direction and vision of projects, guiding teams to produce innovative and impactful creative content.

Surya Narreddi

Head of Design

Leads creative vision and strategy, guiding teams to deliver impactful solutions aligned with brand identity and user experience goals.

Prudhvi Raju

Creative Director

Leads studio operations and creative direction, driving excellence and innovation for successful project delivery."

We craft holistic & user friendly product solutions.

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