• Industry

    Retail Pricing Intelligence Software Provider

  • Project Type

    Power BI, MySQL Integration.

  • Technologies

    MYSQL, Python, and Power BI

The challenge

  • The client, a leading retail pricing intelligence software provider, faced challenges with existing reports spread across numerous pages and datasets, hindering efficient navigation and insight extraction.
  • Efficient data management was a challenge, impacting real-time updates and data retrieval. Existing bugs and performance bottlenecks were affecting system efficiency, causing delays and hindering user experience.

The solution

  • Collaboration addresses these challenges. Python visuals were converted into Power BI, enabling advanced analytics for precise pricing insights and trend forecasting, significantly improving reporting capabilities.
  • Over 120 pages of existing reports were revamped, consolidating disparate datasets for a streamlined UI/UX design, allowing intuitive navigation, and improving user satisfaction.
  • MySQL was implemented as the primary database, ensuring real-time updates and efficient data retrieval to address data management issues.
  • An exhaustive review identified and rectified existing bugs and performance bottlenecks, resulting in a substantial improvement in system efficiency.
  • DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) was implemented for Power BI performance optimization, reducing load times and enhancing report responsiveness.
  1. Conversion to Power BI and a comprehensive report overhaul delivered more actionable insights to clients.
  2. Streamlined UI/UX design and consolidated reports increased user satisfaction by 45%.
  3. The implementation of MySQL ensured timely and accurate data updates.
  4. Bug fixes, performance enhancements, and DAX optimization improved system efficiency and reduced load times.
  1. Improve reporting capabilities for precise pricing insights.
  2. Enhance UI/UX design for better user satisfaction.
  3. Implement MySQL for efficient data updates and retrieval.
  4. Identify and rectify bugs and performance bottlenecks for improved system efficiency.

Project outcomes

  1. Increased actionable insight delivery through Power BI.
  2. Significant improvement in user satisfaction with streamlined UI/UX.
  3. Timely and accurate data updates through MySQL integration.

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