• Industry

    Engineering and Technology

  • Project Type

    Database Upgrade from 12C to 19C

The challenge

  • The collaboration between us and the leading global technology and engineering company aimed to upgrade their database from version 12C to 19C.
  • The primary objective was to reduce turnaround time for delivering critical information to the applications team.
  • Key challenges included the requirement for applications to upgrade from 12.1.3 to R12.2.10 with a code-level upgrade while maintaining uninterrupted 24/7 system access.
  • The complexity of the database network led to delayed ticket resolution, and manual data collection and formatting for error log data retrieval added to the challenge.

The solution

  • Our functional and technical teams conducted rigorous testing of the upgraded non-production environments to identify any issues post-upgrade.
  • Conduct weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks to monitor the health of the database.
  • The DBA team coordinated with the company's IT department to reduce Severity 1 alerts.
  • Provided ongoing support through monitoring tools and implementing innovative solutions.
  • Verified backup accuracy through test databases and introduced architectural changes for streamlined administration.
  • Collaborated with the Oracle support team to address identified issues in upgraded environments and transitioned to RMAN for database backups instead of disk-level backups.
  1. Improved performance and new features with the upgraded database version, boosting client productivity and competitiveness.
  2. Simplified cloning with RMAN automation, supporting production for high-end reports usage, leading to cost savings and operational efficiency.
  3. Reduced Turnaround Time for the Application Team by 35%, resulting in increased productivity and faster project delivery.
  4. Facilitated database upgrade with minimal downtime and zero issues, ensuring minimized business disruptions.
  1. Upgrade the database from version 12C to 19C.
  2. Reduce turnaround time for delivering critical information to the applications team.

Project outcomes

  1. Successful database upgrade with improved performance.
  2. Streamlined health checks and monitoring processes.

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