• Industry

    Real Estate

  • Project Type

    Power BI, Big Data, Azure, Business Intelligence

The challenge

  • The client, a leading US-based provider of real estate services, faced challenges with their existing SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO), characterized by costly licensing, high maintenance, and limited features.
  • Issues included restricted data visualization capabilities, lack of self-service abilities, and significant delays in loading time for SAP BO reports, impacting business operations.

The solution

  • Assessed the existing landscape and gathered information about the existing SAP business objects and data landscape Using surveys, auditing, and consultation.
  • Identified areas where technical enhancements and process efficiencies can be implemented.
  • Analyzed the assets that are not only highly utilized but also in great demand within the business to draw up a migration plan from BusinessObjects to Power BI and prioritized the design and development phases of the migration based on the most valuable outputs during earlier stages of development.
  • Establishing guidelines, policies, and standards for the brand-new business intelligence setting
  • Designed and developed robust Power BI data models, reports, and dashboards that effectively meet the unique business requirements.
  • Implemented a tabular model with Azure Analysis Services (AAS) in order to facilitate expedient and effective reporting within Power BI.
  • After deployment, we monitored its usage and addressed any potential performance issues.
  • Employed an eLearning program to train internal employees on the usage of Power BI.
  1. 45% elevation in user experience with interactive UI, collaborative, and social BI solutions.
  2. 25-30% savings on licensing costs.
  3. Enhanced decision-making capabilities through the utilization of self-service analytics.
  4. Significant reduction of report run time by 90%.
  1. Address challenges related to costly licensing and high maintenance expenses.
  2. Improve data visualization capabilities and self-service abilities.
  3. Reduce loading time for reports to enhance business operations

Project outcomes

  1. Improved user experience with interactive and collaborative BI.
  2. Substantial cost savings on licensing.
  3. Enhanced decision-making capabilities through self-service analytics.
  4. Significant reduction in report run time.

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